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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The kiddos are gonna blog!

8 days until our "Southern States tour"!  I will share all the ins and outs soon-I promise! 

BUT I have to share the excitement (me) and mixed reaction (kids) when I told them tonight that I wanted them to be active on this blog.  I have researched and planned the upcoming itinerary down to a tee, then thought how I really just wanted this trip to become a permanent part of our family legacy--not just from my perspective but from the kids' perspectives too.  With that in mind, I bought each one of them a journal today and talked with them tonight about how I want them to take some time everyday while we are on our SStour and just write what they think about the drive, the food, the hotel, the attraction, or whatever comes to mind....then i will share their thoughts and opinions with everyone here on Travel2bye2.  I hope that the experience opens up a love of writing, creating, and a positive way to channel their opinions (instead of arguing in the car)!

I believe that for kids, blogging represents a new way to not only write, but to create as well. With all the information and media available on the web today, a blog is the perfect way for young people, to research, vent, and create a living record that will be available for all generations to come.  One day when I'm gone, they can click on Travel2bye2 and read to their grandchild all about our trip in March 2012.  Wow!  I wanted a family legacy, and can't think of a more perfect way to get one.  Because blogs exist in a digital space mean that the kids can add to them indefinitely and learn more and more about what interests them, hopefully travel (in this blog's case).  I hope that they can use blogs as a way to help them find their life's passion.  Blogging also helps kids in many obvious ways: It improves their capacity for observation; increases their communication with family and friends who might be living in other cities; teaches them how to use the Internet appropriately, and even helps improve writing skills and spelling (a huge plus for my dyslexic child-who loves to write more than the others!).

Wish us luck!  Please stay tuned for all the details of the itinerary complete with reactions and opinions, written by the kiddos themselves!

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