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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why Travel 2bye2? by Gwen

Travel 2bye2.  I hope just the name makes people curious.  For me, so many things come to mind...  First, of course, comes the travel.  It is really a passion I have discovered  in the last few years.  As a child I didn't travel, except from Waco, Texas, to San Angelo, Texas, to see 2nd cousins once a year, but I did read.  I read every book that was ever put in front of me.  I begged to go to the library (I know you are thinking I'm a complete NERD now) because my dad once told me once that only a book could take you anywhere you wanted to go.  And I was happy with imagining all the beautiful places in the world until Reggie came along.  He definitely messed up my happy little way of thinking!  He introduced me to new places, the fun of plane travel, car travel, train travel, and the sheer awe that comes from seeing a new place for the first time.  Beginning with our first trip together--to New Orleans, Louisiana--I was hooked.  Then....we hooked the kids.  Yes, kids.  We blended our families when we married and we are now a happy, chaos filled family of 8.  Yes, eight.  We have Chase-18, Tylar-15, Brady-13, Abby-11, Paige-10, and Maggie-7.  We decided in the beginning of our marriage that our life's legacy would be  to worship God, love each other endlessly, and teach our children that the world has so much to teach them, but they must see it to learn it, absorb it, and make it better.  We started with a plane ride from Waco, Texas to Jacksonville, Florida in 2008.  We assigned the three older boys, each a younger sister.  As the oldest ones, it was their job to help their little sisters with their luggage and holding their hands in the airports.  I will never forget the moment at the DFW airport that I turned around and saw all 6 of our children following behind us, 2x2.  Even though the girls are a little older now, we still follow that same plan, although I will brag that every single child of ours can find their way thru an airport as well as any adult.  I am proud to share this love of travel with you, our hints on saving money, finding the best hotels, learning about each location, and building an itinerary.   I hope the tips along the way that we have found (and sometimes stumbled upon) and will share with you thru this blog, spark your urge to try a new adventure of your own, whether you are on a budget, have a gaggle of kids like us, or you simply want to travel with the love of your life, as I get to do.   -Gwen

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